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  Medi-Connect Reporter has been designed to unleash the potential of the Pyxis Medstation system by making the information generated usable and accessible.

The Pyxis system stores a maximum of 31 days of transaction history.  Transactions older than this are archived and need to be accessed via an additional application.   Medi-Connect Reporter makes this process seamless by automatically archiving every transaction to a SQL database server hosted within your organisation.

The powerful query builder then allows you to query any of this information quickly and efficiently without the need to understand the structure of the underlying data.   With minimal training, users can retrieve information on almost any aspect of the Pyxis system - for example:

  • Has a ward / department been performing their weekly controlled drug inventory?
  • What reasons have users been entering to resolve discrepancies when they occur?
  • How many discrepancies involving controlled drugs are not being resolved before they 'disappear' after 31 days?
  • What percentage of medications are removed using the Override function?
    Medi-Connect Reporter allows you to report over months or years, allowing you to get an accurate picture of trends and the effect of any interventions put in place.
  • What medicines has a patient had removed over the past 'X' months or years?
  • What transactions have selected users performed over the past 'X' months or years?
  • What responses or reasons have users entered for Clinical Data Categories
     - i.e. when clozapine is removed or warnings have been overridden?

In addition, other reports allow you to quickly and easily:

  • Determine the usage of each medication stored in Pyxis Medstations compared against the Max, Min & Current levels.   This allows system administrators to quickly determine levels that need to be changed and medications that may need to be removed.
  • Determine which medications have not been removed from one or more Pyxis Medstations over any selected time period.
  • Retrieve a list of all removals of specific medicines from one or more Medstations over the last 'X' months or years which can be used as a basis for drug utilisation review or audit - e.g.
    • all removals of Omeprazole capsules
    • all removals of antidotes (i.e. flumazenil, glucagon, naloxone)
    • all removals of unfractionated heparin or low molecular weight heparin
    • all removals of unregistered medicines in order to report their use to Medsafe.
  • Generate paper based reports that list all Controlled Drug transactions, provide summaries of resolved and unresolved discrepancies, and display all transactions that have been removed for selected patients.

Other Information about Medi-Connect Reporter:

  • Medi-Connect Reporter has been designed with the same look and feel of Medi-Connect, allowing users to use the program with little difficulty or additional training.
  • All Medi-Connect applications use a common user database, meaning only one login is required to access both Medi-Connect and Medi-Connect Reporter.
  • Stable, Microsoft architecture; Medi-Connect Reporter runs on a SQL Server 2000 database and is accessed via a Microsoft Access 2003 Client application.
  • No third party software is required; Medi-Connect Reporter retrieves all transactions directly from the Pyxis servers provided.
  • Fully scalable; unlimited users with secure access (username & password); multi-site capable, unlimited Pyxis Medstations supported.

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