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Medi-Connect Trigger Tools utilises the trigger tool methodology developed by the Institute for Health Care Improvement (IHI) which aims to measure patient harm within health care organisations.   See Introduction to the IHI trigger tool methodology.

Medi-Connect Trigger Tools manages the end-to-end trigger tool audit process from the randomisation of patient records through to reporting adverse event rates for an organisation.   It incorporates the full complement of medication related triggers provided by the IHI ADE trigger tool, as well as the additional modules encompassing all adverse event categories provided by the IHI Global Trigger tool.

The system manages the workflow electronically for all participants (reviewers, managers and administrators), provides comprehensive statistical process control reporting and facilitates the ongoing evolution of the tool through analysis of trigger sensitivity and non-trigger associated harm.

Key features include:


  • Facilitates the import of local patient administration system reports to seamlessly manage demographic data and randomisation of patient records
  • For each instance of harm identified reviewers can document:rvices and/or specialties involved, sub-classifications of harm (using IHI sub-classification codes) and generate a printed patient summary.
  • Incorporates status flags to help streamline the audit process by identifying; complete and incomplete records, records for peer, senior clinician or committee review, records that have outstanding issues for resolution and challenging records which can be flagged for future learning.
  • Advanced record search functionality to identify current records (incomplete) and historical records using the patient identifier (NHI), patient name, reviewer and review team, a selected date range and by status flag (see above).
  • The system tracks which reviewer enters information and who last updated a particular record to help manage electronic documentation processes
  • Incorporates a range of reports to manage the workflow and outputs of the audit process including;  harm per 100 admissions and per 1000 bed days, number of patient harm, export of anonymised patient data for shared learning between organisations, harm by sub-classification, trigger sensitivity reports etc


  • Licensed software which facilitates the implementation and maintenance of the software and provides organisations with certainly about the ongoing support, maintenance and future development of the system.
  • Based on stable, Microsoft architecture; Medi-Connect Trigger Tools runs on a SQL Server 2005 database and is accessed via a Microsoft Access 2003 Client application to streamline the IT implementation processes within your organisation.

Click here to view screenshots from Medi-Connect Trigger Tools.

Click here to view an introduction to the IHI Trigger Tool Methodology.

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