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  The Medi-Connect system has been designed to be highly flexible, usable, reliable and customisable.   Its core areas of functionality include:
  • Sending orders to the Pyxis Medstation system with a clinical review or validation step in-built to the process.   All transactions are attributable to a single user.
  • Management of the replenishment process including the generation of refilling, stockout and critical low reports, current stock levels, and stock expiry management.
  • A wide range of built-in reports encompassing the areas of Inventory Management, Medication Removals, Override transactions, Drawer failures & other Maintenance, Controlled Drug Discrepancy Management and Medicine Usage Review.
  • Activity Reporting & Statistics including the volumes of profiling & validation transactions being performed, Medstation Stock Value; Override Transactions etc...
  • Alerting functions - Medi-Connect is able to generate alerts when particular medicines are removed from any Pyxis Medstation, allowing the detection of interactions and high-risk medications (e.g. Gentamicin or Warfarin).   These alerts can occur within the application on the Status screen or via e-mail.
  • Stable, Microsoft architecture; the Medi-Connect system runs on a SQL Server 2000 database and is accessed via a Microsoft Access 2003 Client application.
  • No third party software required; exchanges information directly with the Pyxis servers provided.
  • Fully scalable; unlimited users with secure access (username & password); multi-site capable, unlimited Pyxis Medstations supported.

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